BuildonP-20 is a Premixed sand cement plaster. It is specially formulated for exterior and interior plastering work to give a hard, smooth better shrinkage control base coat. Due to its high content of additives and use of precisely graded fillers , a homogeneous good adhesion and high workability is obtained when mixed with water. BuildonP-20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster can be applied manually by hand or by using spray machines.


APPEARANCE Grey coloured Powder (Granular)
AGGREGATE Well graded river-sand
BASIC BINDER Ordinary Portland Cement and Fly Ash
ADDITIVES Water Proofing Agents, Polymers & Fibers
POT LIFE 1 – 2 Hours
WATER RATIO 17 – 19% by Weight
BULK DENSITY 1.4 – 1.7 Kg / ltr
DRY DENSITY 2064 Kg / m 3
GRAIN SIZE 0 – 2.5 mm
COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH 22.1 Mpa (at 28 days)
COVERAGE (40 KG BAG) For 10 to 12mm on block masonry coverage is approximately 17 to 18 sq.ft.


The substrate should be free of loose particles, dust, dirt, grease , oil or paint. Absorbent and porus substrates should be moistened with water prior the application of Buildon P – 20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster. In case of non absorbent surfaces, a spatter cement slurry coat should be applied as a key coat to improve adhesion and high bonding with the substrate. In case of surface contains microsilica, spatter cement slurry should be applied to improve adhesion with the substrate. Concrete or block substrates should have been allowed to cure sufficiently . All shrinkage movements should taken place before applying Buildon P – 20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster. Do not apply Buildon P – 20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster on surface exposed to movement, vibration or mechanical impacts. Saturate the surface with water and wait for the evaporation of excess water before applying the mix.


BUILDON P-20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster should be mixed with clean water to obtain a homogeneous mixture free from lumps. One 40 Kg. Bag of Buildon P-20 should be mixed with about 7-8 lt of clean water. The mixture remains workable for 1 hour after mixing. Let the mix set for 5min, then remix before application. Apply Buildon P-20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster on the surface manually with a plastering trowel or by using a spraying machine in a single layer (upto 20mm).

When the plaster has set, smooth finishing can be achieved with a wooden or foam float. The float should be moistened during the smoothing operation. If more thickness is required, the application should be done in two layers. In the first layer apply Buildon P-20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster in a thickness of 10-15mm, a rough texture is to be obtained to provide mechanical key for the second layer. The second layer should be applied at least 48 hours after the first layer. Within this period cure the plaster with clean water. Apply the second layer at a thickness of up to 20mm.

If applying with spray machine. Buildon P-20 Premixed Sand Cement Plaster mix should not be allowed to stand unused in the machine for longer than 30 minutes. In order to ensure proper curing. It is advisable to keep the plastered surface moist.